Eviden is proud to support the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 in cybersecurity services and operations.

“We are very pleased to be working with Eviden, which has extensive experience in cybersecurity. Eviden teams will implement numerous solutions to combat threats, to help Paris 2024 to meet the sport challenges of the digital age, and to secure the delivery of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

Tony Estanguet President of Paris 2024

Tony Estanguet

Our expertise for Paris 2024

At the heart of the Paris 2024 Games, as athletes face sporting challenges, our cybersecurity experts serve as vigilant guardians, providing invisible yet crucial protection.

As Europe’s leader in cybersecurity, with a team of 6,500 experts and a global network of Security Operation Centers (SOC), Eviden combines real-time prevention, protection, and monitoring services to counter cyber-threats that could impact the competitions and will fully support Paris 2024 in hosting safe and secure Games.

Delivery of cybersecurity products & services

We offer robust protection systems against attacks leading to information leaks, data breaches, sabotage, reputational damage, and fraud.

Our approach includes vulnerability management, real-time automated threat detection and response for 360° protection, in particular with advanced services based on artificial intelligence with AIsaac, our next generation cybersecurity detection and response platform.

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Cybersecurity planning and preparation

Our cybersecurity approach is based on optimal preparation and planning.

Beyond developing secure platforms, we focus on cybersecurity awareness and training. Our programs include comprehensive audits, Cyber War Games, regular penetration testing, and Bug Bounty programs to ensure complete defense and adequate preparation against digital threats.

Cybersecurity operations

Our expertise in cybersecurity operations is demonstrated through the Security Operation Center for Paris 2024. This starts with proactive cybersecurity incident management and the establishment of emergency response teams to cybersecurity incidents.

We also ensure optimal management and operation of cybersecurity products and solutions, ensuring rapid detection and response to threats, as well as dynamic and rigorous risk assessment.

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Expanding the possibilities

Engage with us to explore how our cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions can safeguard your digital frontiers. Connect with our experts for insights, consultations, and to learn more about our innovative approaches to cybersecurity.