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2024: Turn your security into reality

2024: Turn your security into reality

Cybersecurity makes it imperative to connect predictions with actions. Future-proof your security with our proactive prophecies.

Top 10 cybersecurity threats for 2024​

Top 10 cybersecurity threats for 2024​

Know what to expect and brace for impact of the most trending cybersecurity threats used by cybercriminals.

Voice of the CISO: Your cybersecurity resolutions for 2024

Voice of the CISO: Your cybersecurity resolutions for 2024

Exclusive insights from our CISO Sumit Chanda: what key pillars to focus on for your 2024 cybersecurity strategy.

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Edition 13, Feb 2024

2024: Turn your security into reality

Cybersecurity makes it imperative to connect predictions to actions. Turn your security into reality adopting mature technologies, while keeping an eye on the upcoming trends and threats. Meanwhile it is essential to already prepare for the upcoming game-changer technologies.


Edition 12, Nov 2023

Spark innovation. Grow protection.

Innovation and cybersecurity are inseparable partners in shaping our secure future. In our hyper-connected era, digital innovation, especially in cybersecurity, is on a fast track. How can organizations effectively secure themselves in this ever-evolving landscape?


Edition 11, Jul 2023

Detect early. Respond Swiftly.

The field of threat detection and response underwent the same dynamic evolution as the digital landscape. It was accompanied by an increase in cyberthreats, making it crucial for organizations and individuals to outstrip malicious actors’ exploitation of vulnerabilities.


Edition 10, Mar 2023

Turning the tables on ransomware

How to brace for ransomware attacks? With the cost of ransomware damage skyrocketing, protecting your business is more important than ever. Turn the table on cybercriminals by building cyber resilience and proactively safeguard your organization from this destructive threat.


Edition 9, Dec 2022

Prepping for 2023 –Tips, tricks and trends

Are you cyber prepared for 2023? Our cybersecurity experts gathered their insights on the top tech, trends, and threats that organizations must consider to map them to their strategy.


Edition 8, Sep 2022

Security enlightening your Cloud

Have you unlocked the true potential of your cloud? Cybersecurity and cloud security are often overlooked by organizations that transition to the cloud. Nenetheless a cloud security strategy that is well-designed and implemented can provide significant competitive advantages.


Edition 7, Jun 2022

Zero trust security for the complex new world

In cyberspace, offenders are increasingly using trust to their advantage. Zero trust is a new paradigm in this perimeterless world where organizations believe that trust cannot be completely earned to protect their infrastructure. What can you do to achieve this zero-trust model?


Edition 6, Mar 2022

Digital Sovereignty: Beyond just a framework of ideas

Know what is your level of digital sovereignty? It is a growing concern in our increasingly digitalized world. Yet, policy makers, governments and enterprises must master the art of balancing digital agility with digital sovereignty, as this will be key to competitiveness.


Edition 5, Dec 2021

Atos’s top cybersecurity predictions for 2022

What will be the technologies, threats, regulations and landscape evolution that will shape 2022? A broad perspective on top 2022 cybersecurity trends and trend breakers is needed to better prepare security decision makers for the challenges they are likely to face.


Edition 4, Sep 2021

The security challenges of digital transformation

Finding the adequate cybersecurity strategy to protect this digital transformation remains one of the biggest challenges for executives. How to have a complete visibility over new risks and deploy security in rapid experimentation?


Edition 3, Jun 2021

Combine AI and cybersecurity for the greater good

Cybersecurity teams are now integrating AI to perfect their security strategies and deal with new-age cyber-attacks. Alternatively, AI solutions and algorithms are not without flaws and needs to be approached in a secure way. What could be a good compromise?


Edition 2, Mar 2021

Enter a new cybersecurity era

What will digital security look like in the years to come? Led by the convergence of the digital and physical worlds, digital security is moving from a highly distributed scene to a world where safety and digital and physical security will be intertwined.


Edition 1, Dec 2020

The future of IoT and OT security

Securing environments that are not inherently secured does not start by adding security controls. It is about prioritizing the most critical processes, systems and potential sources of attacks or vulnerabilities. Security is about identifying, managing and setting up a strategy.