Foreword: Untangle the AI & Cybersecurity equation

Solving the AI + cybersecurity equation is not just any mathematical challenge. It is a multi-variable puzzle where AI and cybersecurity intersect, overlap, and diverge. If X equals AI and Y equals cybersecurity, Z is the unknown in this cubic equation with variables that refuse to stay constant. Z represents the unpredictable element that could either save us or set us off on a different trajectory: new technologies, new tactics by cybercriminals, and the ethical implications of AI decisions. Each solution we find seems to come with a new set of problems.

But what if we could solve for X and Y, while keeping Z in check? We might just find a balance. It will require continuous adaptation, just like navigating a shifting maze that constantly changes its paths and obstacles.

I would like to thank Vasco Gomes, Managing Editor of this new edition of our Digital Security Magazine, for his dedication and insights. I also want to express my gratitude to our experts and guest authors whose perspectives and expertise have enriched this publication.

Indeed, this edition dives into the intricacies of securing AI platforms, evaluating AI as both an ally and adversary in the fight against cyber threats, and understanding how AI is weaponizing audio and images. We also explore the balance between the promises and pitfalls of automating analysis with AI, the trustworthiness of AI in armed forces, and the role of generative AI in identity and access management. Additionally, our articles cover emerging policies and legal frameworks for governing the use of generative AI in cybersecurity, how cloud services like AWS manage risks with GenAI, the rise of AI-powered cyber swarms, and the potential applications of AI agents in both offensive and defensive cybersecurity. Lastly, we discuss the strategic decisions around investing in GenAI security, whether in-house or outsourced.

As we navigate the complexities of AI and cybersecurity, we recognize that the path forward is fraught with challenges. Yet, it is through these challenges that innovation is born. Together, we can decode this intricate equation and build a secure digital future.

So, let’s get to work. The equations won’t untangle themselves.

Zeina Zakhour

Zeina Zakhour

Zeina Zakhour

Vice-President, Global CTO Digital Security

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