What we offer  

The Eviden Cloud Migration Center is a dedicated center of excellence designed to empower customers in seamlessly migrating applications to the cloud. Our services prioritize scalability, speed, and confidence in the migration process. 

About the Center 

The Eviden Cloud Migration Center, centrally located in Pune, India, serves as the heart of our Cloud services delivery model and supports a unified solutioning and delivery methodology. 

Our comprehensive approach includes assessment, migration, and modernization services at scale : recognizing the importance of flexibility, we extend our services from our center in Romania and various distributed regional centers. 

Leveraging our accelerators – highly automated global migration services, Cloudamize Studio suite of tools, and a team of highly skilled associates trained in migration and hyperscaler services – we provide efficient solutions to meet your cloud migration needs. 

 Eviden’s Migration services cover the full spectrum of cloud migration challenges, including modernization of application portfolio, Mainframe transformation, Exit Data Center and SAP migration to the cloud.  

Your outcomes 

  • Turbocharge your value realization, with automation & rapid portfolio assessment. Seize quick wins and propel your cloud journey forward. 
  • Customer experience driven through end-to-end hyperscaler program accelerators & incentives. 
  • Reduced costs with our purpose-built tooling and right-sized blend of global delivery teams. 
  • Decreased time and risk through industry leading security and industrialized approach  

Discover opportunities to optimize your cloud investment and accelerate your modernization journey through our trusted partnerships and highly experienced teams 

Why Eviden ?  

Eviden’s unique value proposition bridges data, expertise, and automation for a transformative journey across all major hyperscalers. From assessment to migration and beyond, Eviden takes you all the way, from legacy to cloud-native builds, with speed, ease, and unshakeable confidence.

  • Less costly Our proven approach streamlines project support time by up to 50%, letting you focus on what matters most. 
  • Reduce time to migrate Our cutting-edge toolchain and expert guidance slice 30% off assessment and migration efforts, propelling you towards cloud success. 
  • Cloud agnostic Our cloud-agnostic approach creates optimal architectures while leveraging lucrative hyperscaler funding options, boosting your cloud ROI. 

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