In today’s OT environment, cyber threats can impact critical infrastructure and disrupt entire industries. Protecting your Operational Technology (OT) Cyber-Physical System is more than just protecting your plant systems and operations. Its is creating a safer and more resilient OT environment. The impact of new regulations such as NIS2 shifts OT Security as a Board Level priority.

In this Webinar, discover proven strategies to:

  • Fortify your defenses: Identify organizational threats, technical challenges and eliminate vulnerabilities in your OT ecosystem.
  • Identify key questions that the Board and Executive team need to ask about OT Security
  • Segment and control: Build a layered security architecture to minimize attack surfaces.
  • Proactively protect your systems: Enable active protection to keep out threats with automation whenever possible.
  • Monitor & React: Be ready to detect sophisticated threats and changes in the behavior of company’ weakest points.
  • Prepare for the worst: Develop a robust threat response program for rapid containment and recovery.

Key Takeaways:

  • Actionable insights: Learn from real-world examples and expert advice.
  • Practical strategies: Discover the foundations for a good OT Security Strategy
  • Future-proof your defenses: Stay ahead of emerging cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Eviden and Fortinet are proud to present a joint webinar focused on empowering organizations to safeguard their OT Cyber-Physical Systems against evolving cyber threats.

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Don’t wait for a cyberattack to disrupt your operations. Register today and secure your OT Cyber-Physical Systems for ultimate resilience!

Date and Location

April 22, 2024


Online webinar

Contact Details

Anca Natalia Isac

Big Data & Cybersecurity Marketing Operations


Antoine D’Haussy

Antoine D’Haussy

Fortinet: OT EMEA Practice Lead
Bartosz Czyzewski

Bartosz Czyzewski

Global Cybersecurity Business Development Manager
Laura Quaschning

Laura Quaschning

Eviden: Global Head of Center of Growth OT Security
Haroon Malik

Haroon Malik

Eviden: Partner, OT Security Leader for Northern Europe

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