What we offer 

Eviden Cloud SecOps center proactively prevents misconfigurations in the cloud, protects data in the cloud from malicious activity, and preserves your security posture at all times, reducing the complexity, risk, and costs associated with digital cloud security.

About the center

Eviden Cloud Security Operations Center is based in European Union (Romania/Timisoara) and is made up of a strong team with Cloud, DevSecOps and Cloud Security experts:

  • 120 Experts in Cloud & Cloud Security (part of a wider team of 1100+ colleagues in Eviden Romania)​
  • 100+ Cloud, Security, DevOps, IaC Certifications
  • Multi-skilled across different Public Cloud providers

Our Cloud Security Operations are paramount today to safeguard sensitive data and support your business operations. “Cloud SecOps” are ultimately crucial to maintain the integrity, confidentiality and availability of your cloud resources.

Eviden Cloud SecOps Center is part of a network of Security Operations Centers: 17 all around the world and around 6 000 security Specialists with 24/7 worldwide operations.

Your outcomes 

As Cloud requires a different set of security design principles, processes and technologies, your cloud security journey can valuably be driven by Eviden consultants, architects and engineers dedicated to cloud prevention, protection and preservation.

With Eviden Cloud SecOps center, your benefits are:

  • Accelerated journey to the Cloud including security at every step of the way.
  • Scalable delivery model
  • Leverage network and capabilities of the 3 other Eviden cloud centers as well as the 17 global Security Operations Centers to truly deliver DevSecFinOps services throughout the cloud continuum.

Why Eviden?

Eviden Cloud and Cloud Security capabilities support you in each phase of your transformation journey:

  • Advise & Prevent: our cloud security advisory formulates tailored strategies for threat prevention and proactively deploy controls that secure by design cloud architectures
  • Build & Protect: our architects and engineers offer end-to-end cloud delivery while augmenting security controls with automation, a shift-left security approach and secure-by-design principles to maintain a secure posture.
  • Run & Preserve: Eviden’s Cloud Operations center and global team of 6000+ security specialists & 17 SOCs offer complete Cloud operations with managed security on top to continuously monitor, detect and respond to evolving threats.
  • Enhanced Cloud Security services bringing high level of security assurance for your applications and data
  • Agnostic usage of best toolings: hyperscaler’s cloud-native security tools, third party tooling (including Eviden products), AI boosted solutions
  • EU-compliant Cloud Migration and Cloud Operations that support the cloud continuum across Private, Public and Hybrid platforms.

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