Robust and precise instruments for challenging operational environments

In challenging operational environments, reliable navigation instruments are critical.

Our mission is to design, and manufacture secured and reliable shipborne navigation instruments for commercial fleets and navies to ensure seamless navigation operations.

What we offer

Heir to the Bianchetti navigation instruments workshop founded in Marseille in 1822, BEN Marine (Bianchetti Electronic Navigation) was established in 1962.

We design reliable sea-proven equipments integrating the latest technologies required onboard modern ships.

Our products meet the highest maritime safety and military standards and are Wheelmark certified.

Our products

Electromagnetic speed logs

Electromagnetic speed logs

Electromagnetic logs, or EM logs, calculate both speed and distance covered during navigation. The ship's speed through the water (STW) is measured through electromagnetic sensors installed in the hull and in direct contact with the water.



Repeaters display on a single unit all the data collected by the various on-board equipment for the smooth running of the ships (navigation, weather, armament, etc.).



Flowmeters are used to measure liquid flows. Depending on the application, BEN Marine flowmeters are available in two versions: electromagnetic or ultrasonic.

 Compass and diver compass

Compass and diver compass

Magnetic compasses for surface vessels and divers capable of withstanding severe conditions.

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Client - French Navy Press release

Client - French Navy

The LMN6, our new generation of electromagnetic speed log, has been chosen by the French Navy to equip its ships and provide an even more accurate and secure way to measure their speed.

Worldwide distributors network List

Worldwide distributors network

BEN Marine relies on a worldwide network of partners to distribute its products in more than 40 countries. Discover the complete list and find the best distributor for your location.


BEN Marine products are compliant with the latest maritime safety regulations and military standards. More information about our certifications and technical specifications on request.

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