Eviden is revolutionizing HPC workload management – seamless, flexible, and powerful. Empowering users with on-premises, cloud, and hybrid choices for ultimate performance and efficiency.

Our advanced enterprise HPC software, JARVICE XE, gives you the freedom to manage data and workflows from any end point. Simplified and efficient – it’s the flexible solution to fit your needs.

Innovative supercomputing cloud technology in your data center – supports advanced workflows and the ability to easily burst to public clouds.

Accelerate applications & workflows with InfiniBand, GPUs, & FPGAs on dedicated Kubernetes infrastructure.

JARVICE XE software features

Single pane of glass

  • Manage, schedule, and run all work in the high-performance computing domain
  • Web portal for user interface and management
  • Kubernetes compatible
  • Rest API endpoint

On demand self-service

  • PaaS and SaaS
  • Applications at scale
  • Select from a variety of compute architectures
  • Invite and manage team members

Multi-cloud management

  • Multi-cloud HPC scheduler
  • License-based queuing
  • Deploy jobs on the cloud provider of your choice
  • Burst on-premises workloads to any cloud

Application management

  • 100+ ISV provided with HyperHub
  • Monitor spend and billing
  • Bring your own code
  • Build your own marketplace
  • Access 1,000+ simulation, AI, and ML/DL workflows

Performance and portability

  • Containerized applications
  • Accelerator support (GPUs, Infiniband, FPGAs)
  • Access the latest CPU, GPU, and FPGA technology


  • Complete autonomy is provided with additional features focused on security
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Restrict users’ hardware, software, and data access

JARVICE XE can manage any HPC simulation or deep learning job on any cloud

AWS cloud

Microsoft Azure

Gernot Fattinger

Our enterprise journey to hybrid cloud HPC required new tools and methodologies. The Nimbix team, with their JARVICE XE platform, aligned well with our ambitious roadmap to achieve our infrastructure goals while improving the overall user experience.

Gernot Fattinger | Director Global EDA and BAW R&D at Qorvo, Inc.

Additional JARVICE XE software features


Speed up your workflows with computational accelerators including GPUs and FPGAs.

API compatibility

100% API compatibility with the Nimbix public cloud or any other JARVICE XE deployment.

Enterprise security

Integrates with Active Directory and SAML for seamless, secure authentication and authorization.

User interface

Responsive user interface to access supercomputing resources anytime, anywhere, from any device.


Continuous integration and deployment capabilities for large-scale compute-intensive workflows.

Global updates

Secure containerized architecture enables seamless global updates of both platform and applications.

HyberHub Application Marketplace

JARVICE XE offers full access to our expansive application marketplace, HyperHub.

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Keysight technologies

Dassault Systemes



cadence HPC application


MSC Nastran


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JARVICE XE extends visionary HPC and AI platform technology to any cloud or datacenter, including yours.

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