Dive into the future of computing with Federated Supercomputing, the first-ever Federated Supercomputing-as-a-Service.

Our platform simplifies the management of computational resources across global compute zones and regions, offering a unified console for both public and private HPC, AI, and supercomputing federations.

Experience unprecedented control, flexibility, and security, empowering you to scale your projects effortlessly while ensuring data protection. With Federated Supercomputing, unlock a world of possibilities and lead the way in computational excellence.

Nimbix Federated Supercomputing features

  • Supercomputing exchange for public and academic facilities
  • Managed and secured by Eviden
  • Global reach for cross-industry and research collaborations
  • Single control plane for synchronizing applications and accessing federated clusters
  • Secure multi-tenant access to ensure data privacy and protection
  • Comprehensive consumption accounting across clusters
  • User limits and policies set by provider agreements
  • Federation options for service providers and infrastructure operators for secure cloud access
  • Monetization opportunities for facility and infrastructure providers
  • Heterogeneous support for all supercomputing and AI architectures, including x86, ARM, Power, RISC, SiPearl, GPU, FPGA, and AI-optimized devices

Nimbix Federated: A comprehensive architecture for secure, cloud-managed, multi-site supercomputing-as-a-service

This white paper presents a groundbreaking architecture for providing supercomputing-as-a-service, securely managed across cloud environments and multiple sites. Introducing an innovative approach to seamlessly integrate high-performance computing resources, ensuring enhanced security and efficiency for complex computational tasks.

The sustainable and cost-efficient solution for any industry vertical, academia, and research institutions

Academia industry

National Centers

Combine cutting-edge hardware and software technologies with human expertise to deliver energy-efficient AI solutions and consulting services. We help businesses achieve higher levels of sovereignty and security.

Financial services and insurance industry

Financial Services & Insurance

AI brings massive opportunities for FSI companies by boosting upsell and cross-sell strategies, deploying dynamic pricing, and improving risk models for better customer retention.

Healthcare life sciences industry

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Deploy fast and cost-effective analysis of large-scale medical image datasets, enhancing drug testing and development efficiency with advanced AI technologies.


Streamline operations with smart inventory management, personalized customer engagement, and enhanced store analytics and security using AI-driven solutions.

Public Sector

Address threats in public spaces and sensitive buildings with AI-based video analytics. Deploy data platforms that uphold governmental sovereignty and confidentiality.


Boost production efficiency and innovation with AI-based video analytics for quality control and site security, enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

HyperHub Application Marketplace

Nimbix Supercomputing Suite, including Nimbix Federated, gives users access to HyperHub, our high-performance application marketplace with over 1,000 HPC applications and workflows.

  • Curated catalog of simulation, AI, ML, and DL software optimized for HPC
  • Hundreds of popular applications available for any industry
  • Seamless global updates for all applications
  • Scalable application deployment to meet your needs
  • Fully customizable with your own workflows and requirements

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