Share combat information everywhere on the battlefield

Digital Battle Management System (D-BMS) is the single complete solution for sharing battalion-level land and air-land combat information on the battlefield.
The system is designed for use in command posts, inside vehicles and by dismounted soldiers.

Digital Battle Management System (D-BMS) is a robust solution that is configured to perfectly fit with a country’s doctrine and specificities using an iterative process.
The resulting solution is easily extensible to anticipate future operational requirements and ensure national strategic independence of mission critical systems.

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Key features

Because forces coordination is essential to gain the operational advantage, D-BMS provides Blue Force Tracking (BFT) capabilities to enable friends forces geolocation on the battlefield.

Because keeping track and coordinate during operations is crucial D-BMS enables tactical information to be shared in reflex-time along the command chain.

Because bandwidth availability is not guaranteed in operation, D-BMS runs on low-bandwidth, to ensure system’s operational readiness.

Because every link in the chain of command has a role and a mission to play in an operation, D-BMS provides interface designed according to the operational needs of each command chain level.

Key benefits


Easily extensible to anticipate future operational requirements.

Operational readiness
Operational readiness

Easy-to-use, deploy, learn and maintain.

System integration
System integration

Integrated system unified with the vehicle’s digitalization and ecosystem.


NATO interoperable and NATO restricted solution.

SICS, combat-proven by the French Land Army

Our BMS is adapted for use at command posts, vehicle and dismounted soldier levels. Discover the multi-use of our reference SICS.
SICS at the operational center

SICS at the operational center

SICS provides decision-makers with an effective means to prepare, train and execute incoming missions. It aggregates information from the field and external sources to provide up-to-date information.

SICS vehicle

SICS vehicle

SICS is optimized for effective use in operational theater, seamlessly relaying information from onboard sensors and weapon systems. It provides situational awareness, enabling the sharing of information, orders, and alerts on the battlefield.

SICS in dismounted mode with foot calculator for Coy Commander’s level

SICS in dismounted mode with foot calculator for Coy Commander’s level

SICS enables the sharing of critical tactical information from the field, including the BFT with connectable equipment in dismounted mode. The knowledge of the actual situation on the ground facilitates quick and efficient action, providing essential information for mission accomplishment.

Our clients

Commanding Officer

This Battle Management System will change the way we understand combat and situations. And presumably over time, the way we command, prepare and give orders.

About SICS, SCORPION combat information system.

Commanding Officer | Colonel Aubry

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Share useful tactical information anywhere on the battlefield

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SICS, SCORPION combat information system

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