Are your sensitive networks secured?

Industrial spying, eavesdropping, hacking… It has never been so vital to communicate securely in our connected world… And the threats have never been so great! More than 3 million data records are compromised daily.

Security is rapidly becoming essential for a smooth functioning of your business processes and development. With regulations on data security that are evolving, you have to guarantee sovereignty of your data.

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What is Trustway IP Protect?

Trustway IP Protect ensures a total security, from protecting you against hacking to guaranteeing confidentiality and IP flows integrity, in compliance with your enterprise safety policy. It offers the highest level of security to your networks that your business challenge and regulations require.

Trustway IP Protect (IPSec) range provides state-of-the-art security features designed to safeguard communications up to sensitive environments. ​

Its architectural design not only meets the most rigorous international standards but also ensures the highest level of confidentiality in protecting network communications.​

Coupled with the centralized management infrastructure, the on-the-fly encryption of IP communications allows an easy, effective and scalable implementation to secure flows close to sensitive data. ​

Developed in France, Trustway IP Protect offers advanced certified security, ease of deployment and leading-edge performances.


Network encryption solution adapted to your needs

High security level
High security level

Trustway IP Protect solutions guarantee confidentiality and integrity for all data exchanged, is Common Criteria EAL4 certified, and qualified by the French information system security agency, ANSSI.

Maximal scalability
Maximal scalability

The range of appliances suite every demand and meet the need for scalability and presents models ranging from 4 physical ports to 16 ports ranging from 5Mbps to 10 Gbps bandwidth.

Plug & Play design
Plug & Play design

Fast and simple implementation: a cost-effective solution with a centralized management ensures cost reductions.

Key features

Trustway Domain Manager (TDM)

Centralized workstation which allows administrating and monitoring all network VPN devices. One person must have central skills in administration to limit costs. • Thanks to the TDM, no need for gathering local teams. It allows you to reduce costs in implementation. (division of roles between CIO on TDM and Security Officer on TPS and TKC).

Trustway Personalization Station (TPS)

Independent and flexible workstation. One person can be in charge of it on another site than the one in charge of the administration part. (Division of roles between CIO on TDM and Security Officer on TPS and TKC).

Trustway Key Generation Centre (TKC) (optional)

Independent workstation enabling Security Officers to carry out generation of secrets on an independent site in a secure and specific environment.

Trustway Audit Manager (TAM)

Audits and supervision of the security policy implemented on the network. Security audits in real time to ensure that the security policy defined by the organization is being properly respected by the operator.

High-Availability (HA)

Up to 20,000 Trustway encryption devices can be supported within one or a number of cryptographic domains.


The VPN Trustway IP Protect is currently undergoing certification:

  • Common criteria EAL4+ certification

Trustway IP Protect, a complete range of VPN solutions

A 100% developed and produced in Europe, Trustway IP Protect offers you effective protection against the risks associated with industrial espionage and intrusion to IT infrastructures. Trustway IP Protect is implemented on numerous sites of sensitive governmental organizations.

VPN software Client: the security for mobile users

Trustway VPN Client is a software component for PCs that provides a secure link for mobile users, so they can freely exchange data securely with their organization. This architecture is designed so it can equip mobile user workstations with the VPN Client application in order to secure the flows exchanged with remote sites, which are protected by Trustway IP Protect.

Trustway Chronos: the solution for the security of sensitive networks

To respond to the cyber threats, Eviden has developed, with the support of the Ministry of Defense and the National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI), Trustway Chronos, a high security encryption solution up to the “Confidential Defense” level, in order to protect communications and the exchange of sensitive data on networks.

The Trustway Chronos IP network encryption solution is deployed under state control. It is dedicated to Operators of Vital Importance (french OIV) and arms manufacturers and meets the requirements of the french Military Programming Law (LPM).


  • IP (TCP, UDP, ICMP…)
  • IPsec
  • IKE
  • IPSec DR


  • 5 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s


  • 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports and optic 10Gb


  • Encryption: AES 256 bits
  • Post-Quantum Encryption by 2024

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