Chris Robson
Chris Robson

Head of CX Platforms and Digital Analytics, Eviden

Chris is the Head of CX Platforms and Digital Analytics at Eviden with expert knowledge in tag management solutions, digital analytics, optimization tools and DXPs.

He is a data-driven digital professional with 23 years of experience working on both agency and client sides, with some of the largest global companies and across multiple industries.
He has helped enterprise-level businesses put analytics and experimentation at the very heart of their digital innovation. specializing in developing integrated solutions to improve productivity and efficiency. Chris is certified in multiple CX and optimization platforms. He is an experienced digital marketer with an original background in PPC, SEO and web analytics.
His commercial acumen and ability to assess the potential value of analysis has been a critical driver in improving business performance both within and outside his direct responsibilities.

In the community, he is well known for his ability to strategic thinking and ability to improve conversions. He is a digital e-commerce enthusiast with a keen interest in web analytics and providing the best possible customer experience.