Sandeep Sailwal
Sandeep Sailwal

SAP Assessment & Consulting Portfolio Head at Eviden

Sandeep Sailwal brings a wealth of industry experience and proven success in guiding clients through digital transformation initiatives. He leverages his expertise in enterprise and supply chain solutions to drive business growth, improve compliance and achieve strategic objectives.

Sandeep has a distinguished track record in leadership roles, which he transitioned seamlessly into consulting-led business development. Since joining Eviden in March 2021, he has spearheaded value creation for clients undergoing digital transformation globally. His extensive experience working in over 25 countries has equipped him with a deep understanding of diverse cultures. This allows him to effectively navigate and adapt to different business environments, fostering strong client relationships.

Recognized as the go-to Eviden consultant for supply chain transformations globally, Sandeep possesses a comprehensive understanding of optimizing and modernizing these critical operations.

Sandeep serves as a trusted advisor to clients, currently focusing on business modernization, portfolio rationalization, and landscape optimization. He leverages best-in-class SaaS solutions to deliver tangible results.

Sandeep lives in France and maintains a healthy work-life balance, enjoying travel and exploration in his free time. He also finds inspiration in Sufi music and creative expression through poetry.