At a Glance

To get cloud-ready, a European automaker modernized over 200 legacy applications with Eviden and AWS. 


  • Improved business reporting
  • Reduced assessment effort
  • Optimized costs
  • Increased developer productivity
  • Successful knowledge transfer
  • Faster migration timeline

The Client

European automotive manufacturer. 

The ability of applications to function in the cloud is a prerequisite for enterprise-scale cloud migration. One European automaker had to modernize more than 200 legacy applications to meet this requirement. Eviden’s GenAI-assisted application modernization toolkit, Pryzm, expedited the process.  

GenAI for application modernization 

Pryzm was part of an overall solution that included six key components and AWS services such as Amazon Bedrock to ensure a robust and scalable implementation: 

  1. A technical debt assessment evaluated the current state of the code base to identify areas of technical debt and prioritize the modernization efforts. 
  2. The project documentation component captured vital information, plans and progress throughout the project life cycle, ensuring thorough documentation and knowledge transfer. 
  3. GenAI-assisted application modernization, using Pryzm, revamped existing software applications to improve functionality, security and overall effectiveness for their future cloud home. 
  4. A deep code analysis extracted technical and functional insights from the applications’ code and database metadata, providing a clear understanding of the business logic and technical structure.
  5.  Comprehensive application documentation included 21 customized reports per application, tailored to meet the automaker’s specific requirements. This gave the project teams a detailed understanding of each application’s current state and modernization needs. 
  6. GenAI integration using generative AI services such as Amazon Bedrock generated text and analysis, enabling intelligent insights and recommendations throughout the modernization process. This component also applied machine learning models to automate the extraction of business logic and technical insights from the code base. 


When the rubber meets the road, the automaker’s apps are ready 

 The Eviden’s and AWS teams collaborated to enhance the automaker’s reporting capabilities through better data insights and comprehensive documentation, leading to more informed decision-making. 

They also developed a robust cloud-ready architecture that optimized technical debt and improved the overall application functionality and performance. 

On top of that, the effort required for assessment was reduced by 30%, enabling faster decision-making and execution of the modernization strategy. 

Strict adherence to security and compliance standards reduced risks and improved trust throughout the modernization process. 

Eviden provided tailored reports and solutions for each application, leading to higher relevance and effectiveness. 

The digital transformation company also delivered accurate cost estimations for future operations on AWS, allowing the automaker to plan and optimize its budget effectively. 

By modernizing the code base and improving documentation, the project increased developer productivity and reduced the learning curve for new team members. 

And critical knowledge about the applications was transferred effectively to new developers and teams, ensuring continuity and maintaining high performance. 

Why Eviden

Eviden is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and AWS Marketplace Seller supporting a global client base by bringing together people, business and technology. An 11-year AWS partner, Eviden has 14 AWS Competencies, including Migration Consulting, and is also a member of the AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) and AWS Well-Architected Partner Programs. 

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