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Banking firm tackles mainframe challenges with Eviden. Pega transformation boosts response, cuts costs, enables agility, and enhances customer experiences


  • USD 1 million Annual Reduction In Technology Infrastructure cost
  • Average response time for card approval improved by 50%
  • 80% Time to Market for new strategies improved

The Client

Known for its credit card services, travel, and financial products a global financial corporation operates a vast network facilitating transactions worldwide, offering various rewards programs and premium services. It is recognized for its customer-centric approach and innovative financial solutions, contributing to individual and business financial needs.

Overwhelmed by complexity

One of the world’s leading banking and financial services companies was faced with the challenge of managing a highly complex, monolithic mainframe system that handled new credit card applications across multiple geographies. This critical system was poorly documented, and many rounds of customization over the years had made deployments very slow — while increasing the operational costs.

Due to its lack of omnichannel capabilities, the company was not able to provide a consistent and engaging customer experience across its many touchpoints. Additionally, inadequate analytical and reporting capabilities were preventing it from offering effective, personalized customer service and gathering deeper market intelligence.

A comprehensive transformation program was needed to address the company’s critical operational challenges and maintain relevance in an age of technological and social change.

Laying the foundation

The bank engaged Eviden to assist in this transformation. Leveraging Eviden’s deep platform knowledge and technical expertise, the companies worked together to automate the business processes. Eviden captured the existing business rules from the legacy system and refactored them in a Pega system, which provided flexibility without sacrificing the performance advantages of mainframe.

To facilitate faster deployment of new services and offerings, a global process framework was developed. DevOps was implemented across the board using techniques such as service virtualization and automated testing for optimal communication, collaboration and cohesion within the system.

Enabling smarter banking

The bank has seen a 50% improvement in the average response time for credit card applications, and an 80% improvement in time-to-market as a result of this transformation. It has also saved a whopping $1 million in annual technology infrastructure costs.

By implementing an effective, efficient cardmember approval system on Pega, the firm can quickly adapt its products and services to changing market needs, while still maintaining the performance it needs.

The company now has the intelligence, agility and efficiency to leverage customer data and turn it into experiences that delight its customers.

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