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Our team of experts engages in comprehensive consulting, conceptualization, planning, engineering, implementation, and quality assurance for our customers’ digital solutions. This integrated approach combines modern methodologies with industry best practices to enhance user experience and ensure flawless operation.


  • Provided extensive digital assurance services over several years to the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. Our scope included proficiently managing tests, implementing test automation, conducting performance testing, and ensuring accessibility testing compliant with BITV and WCAG standards
  • Ensured the timely and high-quality implementation of a greenfield S/4 HANA system for the newly established Autobahn AG in Germany
  • Offered dedicated support to projects for the German air navigation service provider, Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, through specialized application developers and testers as per a renewed frame contract

Customer case German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)

As the focal point of expertise for migration and integration in Germany, the Federal Office (BAMF) assumes a pivotal role in processing asylum applications, safeguarding refugee protection, and spearheading nationwide initiatives for integration promotion. Additionally, the authority is tasked with conducting research into migration. Through the strategic digitalization of crucial procedural stages, employing cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, the Federal Office facilitates the expeditious handling of asylum applications — from entry to integration or the eventual return of asylum-seekers.

MARiS serves as the electronic platform for executing the asylum procedure, encompassing over 50 sub-processes and approximately 1,000 activities. Automation has streamlined ~250 of these activities. Initially established using the OpenText DOMEA product, the workflow underwent an in-house redevelopment in 2017. The system utilizes approximately 1,100 document templates, offering instructions in 180 written languages. MARiS efficiently manages the scanning, creation, processing, and dispatch of documents, ensuring legally compliant storage in a secure archive.

Eviden has played a crucial role in supporting BAMF through its consultants in the ongoing modernization efforts of the MARiS system. Starting in 2016, additional responsibilities, including rollout and hotline support, test management, and the implementation of middleware, have been seamlessly integrated into our collaboration.

Upon the introduction of MARiS version 3.1, Eviden established a dedicated team of testing experts to conduct comprehensive regression and acceptance tests. The objective was to meticulously evaluate system changes in each release, ensuring anticipated functionality and stability before the system’s deployment into operational environments. This strategic shift replaced internal testing procedures conducted by BAMF’s specialist departments, allowing them to focus more intently on the core business functions of the organization.

In the establishment of an onsite MARiS test team, a comprehensive test strategy for BAMF was collaboratively developed with customer experts. Simultaneously, Eviden test experts reinforced parallel projects, fostering synergies across initiatives. This approach aimed to harmonize diverse process models (e.g., waterfall vs. agile) and technologies employed, particularly within the context of MARiS.

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Eviden extends enduring partnerships to its clients, characterized by well-established personal relations across all levels and supported by a stable and dedicated team of seasoned testing professionals. Our firm alliances with industry-leading test solution providers such as Tricentis, Micro Focus, and UIPath, coupled with investments in proprietary accelerators like the GenAI-based Digital Assurance Platform, underscore our commitment to excellence. We seamlessly integrate our testing proficiency with technological and industry expertise throughout our organization.

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Large and medium-sized German-based customers from private and public sectors including federal, national and local administrations, various industries with digital assurance needs in general IT solutions and domain specific digital services and solutions.

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