At a glance

The client is committed to digital transformation, embracing innovation to streamline operations and enhance the end-customer experience. Eviden supported the adoption of Agile practices like SAFe, ensuring faster responsiveness to customer needs and bolstering competitiveness in product and service delivery. 


Eviden strengthened the client’s traditional business model with a helpdesk solution that delivered- 

  • 95% consistent CSAT scores  
  • More than 30% cost reduction through near and offshore processes 
  • 98% compliance with SLAs 
  • AI-enabled proactive and predictive call response times with 30% reduced wait time 
  • Application build and maintenance of more than 200 applications 
  • 30% reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) with rapid deployment and back enterprise resourcing  

Besides this, the Eviden team also accelerated digitalization and innovation through the deployment of a Digital Factory and a Data Factory. This included: 

  • Rapid deployment and agile resourcing model with SAFe-certified practitioners 
  • Provision of professional release train engineers to augment agile service delivery 
  • 30% reduction in cost of resources through offshoring  

The shift to a SAFE Agile Operating Model and WoW enabled the client to become agile and competitive.  

Revolutionizing an operational landscape 

The client’s strategic vision focused on key objectives to propel their business into the future. This included establishing a build and maintenance application center to encompass their legacy assets — a total of 200 applications. This would streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure the longevity of their existing technological infrastructure. 

In parallel, the client aimed to set up a cutting-edge Distributed Digital Factory dedicated to the new IT system. This was designed to foster innovation, accelerate development cycles, and adapt swiftly to evolving technological landscapes. Additionally, a dedicated Data Factory would harness data for informed decision-making and strategic planning. 

Throughout this transformation, one key concern was cost optimization. The client emphasized a fixed-price services model with unwavering commitment to service quality. This approach aimed to provide financial predictability while ensuring the quality of services remained consistently high. 

The client also sought to access a pool of highly skilled developers —vital in securing the necessary expertise to drive their ambitious agenda forward. 

As the transformation agenda extended beyond technological aspects to encompass a redefinition of operating modes, the client aspired to simplify processes, enhance agility through DevOps practices, deliver end-to-end services, and embrace automation to drive operational efficiency. 

SAFe: Next-generation Agile ways of working 

Recognizing the power of collaboration, the client partnered with Eviden for fresh ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and industry best practices.  

The client also planned to redeploy talent to drive transformational changes and achieve cost efficiency across the organization. Eviden helped augment key client staff from Legacy Services (Help Desk, Legacy App dev and Maintenance) and redeploy them into the development of digital services, working in SAFe agile mode. 

The client’s vision encompassed a holistic transformation, touching every facet of their operations. From technological infrastructure and talent acquisition to operational methodologies and business unit strategies, the client was poised to embark on a comprehensive journey towards innovation, efficiency, and sustained growth in a rapidly evolving business landscape. It even outlined strategic focuses within specific business units. For example, a transformation was underway in the Activity Services domain to evolve historical business practices into a portfolio of innovative services. 

Eviden supported this large-scale transformation with the adoption of an Agile way of working (SAFe) that enabled the client to be more responsive to customer needs and competitive in the delivery of products and services. It also extended the scope of mail services through e-commerce and digital outlets — a postal service catalogue of parcel handling apps by both enterprise customers and consumer, parcel tax billing and collection at point of delivery through e-commerce apps. 

For the greater good 

Eviden’s solution also implemented a digital tracking of activities to maintain operational excellence and improve the NPS score. With the Intelligent Route Optimization, the solution was able to free up 20% of the delivery staff’s time. With Eviden’s SAFe Agile Operating Model and solution, the client now has rapid access to resources and best use of their time management with data driven toolsets, and measurement of key success metrics such as the business value achieved, flow velocity and flow predictability.  

Eviden accelerators helped extend and transform the scope of work through e-commerce and digital transformation. Regular reporting and continuous improvement reviews ensured operational excellence. With high-end transformation capabilities including RPA and AI, the client could automate its application monitoring. 

For the Digital Factory, best practice tools were shared with the client to manage skills and missions around Coding, certifications, capacity planning and instrumentation of key metrics. 

The deployment of Academy enables both the client and Eviden resources to ensure continuous development. 

This led to employees having more time for social inclusion activities that have increased the company’s revenues and boosted its brand.  

Besides this, the Eviden team also accelerated digitalization and spread innovation through a Digital Factory and a Data Factory. This resulted in rapid deployment. 

Why Eviden

Eviden is poised to execute and deliver application services at an enterprise scale, enabling clients to focus on their core business as we manage their business application landscape end to end. 

Our software engineering practices, DevOps culture, secure solutions, and optimized energy efficiency deliver robust yet flexible application services. 

The client

The primary French postal service and logistics company is committed to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital landscape. It looks to reinvent traditional postal and logistics services to meet the demands of their customers through digital transformation, sustainability and social responsibility 

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