At a glance

A postal service provider in South Europe was looking to improve the customer experience, achieve greater customization and help brand positioning in their property and casualty (P&C) insurance vertical. Eviden has designed an intelligent conversational bot and deployed this virtual assistant for the client.


  • 80% reduction in claim generation
  • More than 30% boost in contact center productivity

The client

A European postal service provider that also offers communications, postal savings products, logistics, and financial and insurance services.

Diverse businesses, diverse challenges

At the client’s end, initiating property and casualty (P&C) insurance claims was a time-consuming task, especially because this was manual. On an average, customers took a long time to submit essential information as they could only raise a claim on working days and during working hours. Additionally, fraudulent claims were going unnoticed, posing a large risk for customers and the client’s business. The client was looking at how they could enhance its P&C insurance vertical for a better customer experience.

A smart and sustainable solution

Eviden collaborated with a postal service provider in South Europe to develop an intelligent chatbot based on a platform. The solution was designed to be developed in 2 phases. In Phase I, the chatbot was created and deployed in the client’s P&C insurance vertical to enable customers to raise a claim via the mobile channel. This included customer verification, customer intent detection, documents upload and data extraction through IDP. In Phase II, the solution used Computer Vison to automatically detect the type of defect and causal factors using image captured via mobile cameras.

This solution has been integrated with the client’s claim management portal for end-to-end support, i.e. claim registration, damage classification, and settlement or rejection.

Key features of the solution include the ability to initiate a virtual conversation with the chatbot on mobile devices. Its support for a natural language interface paves the way for faster intent detection, filtering genuine and fraudulent claim requests, and data extraction via intelligent document processing.

Further, Eviden’s Intelligent Conversation Agent is a scalable solution that can be easily integrated with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Twitter, and Telegram, among others.

Driving success

This smart intelligent solution has led to 80% lesser claims generated. This has also boosted the contact center productivity by more than 30%.

Why Eviden

Eviden has an excellent track record and expertise in successfully implementing Intelligent Conversational Agent Bots in different industries like the telecom, banking and finance, marketing, and public sectors. Eviden uses cutting-edge technologies in Conversational Agent Bot, ensuring state-of-the-art and future-proof solutions. We work with leading partners like Nice, Rasa, Kore.AI, GCP and Azure to name a few.

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