At a glance

A leading UK-based media group partnered with Eviden to optimize their annual spends on Google Cloud. This 10-month project looked to boost optimal consumption of GCP services and drive savings in their GCP compute spends.


  • A brand-new cost reporting tool 
  • Significant savings on compute costs

The client

A leading UK-based media group with daily and weekly publications in printed and electronic versions 

Streamlining cost spends on a cloud platform

The client, a leading UK-based media group, has had a longstanding partnership with Google. However, it was not able to optimize its consumption of GCP services and derive savings in its GCP compute spend. A mature cloud user, its engineering team was keen on finetuning its cloud spend approach.

Collaborating for excellence

Eviden was appointed as a trusted advisor to help them in this project. The Eviden FinOps and Cloud Teams collaborated to suggest a deep dive into the client’s compute consumption and committed use discounts (CUDs) purchases was proposed to understand the benefits and implementation of this.

They ran a series of workshops aimed at analyzing the current spends and GCP best practices. In particular, the client was focused on CUDs that helped cut costs on resources that it needs, and this angle was scrutinized.

Delivering value

With Eviden’s proposed suggestions, the media group has integrated a strong base of rate optimization. Over a 10-month period, it has achieved significant savings on compute costs. Eviden also supported the development and deployment of a custom reporting tool for stakeholders and end-users to aid in consumption and savings forecasts.

Why Eviden

Eviden Cloud delivers on the promise of enabling business agility, continual optimization, innovation at speed and growth for our customers. We are a trusted advisor to provide transformation expertise at any stage of the Cloud Continuum.