At a glance

A media company collaborated with Eviden on its digitization journey, including streamlining resource allocation. After a successful rollout, the content quantity has improved, thereby giving the client a competitive advantage.


  • High planning reliability due to compliance with broadcasting contracts and an end to end approach
  • Resource and cost optimization that resulted from automation and standardization without disruptions
  • An improved level of user satisfaction in the company because of a user-friendly web application
  • Significantly larger media offerings on the digital platforms
  • Simplifying compliance with legal regulations

Innovating for growth

In line with an innovative growth strategy, the client is committed to achieving sustainable cost reductions by aligning its business requirements and goals with greater flexibility and customer orientation. With over 40 digital platforms including television channels and exclusive online materials, the media company was keen to optimize resources while maintaining high-quality and quantity on digital video platforms.

Transforming the landscape of video content strategy

The client had launched a standardization and automation of the media asset management process through a newly developed application landscape.
In pursuit of seamless non-linear media content planning for both distribution partners and in-house platforms, the media company has chosen to implement a dedicated planning software. Recognizing the need for a robust and secure investment, they are seeking an IT development partner capable of designing a comprehensive business application across the entire value chain.
The media company partnered with Eviden to deploy an agile team with expertise in development, quality assurance, container-based Microservices architecture and automation. Leveraging Eviden’s expertise, the media company streamlined its resource allocation with essential skills, technologies, tools, and methodologies provided by Eviden in an efficient and optimized manner.
Together, they aim to revolutionize the media planning processes and enhance digital content delivery capabilities.
Eviden also developed a digital product with agile methodologies such as end to end design thinking and Scrum. This was for the customer’s video content on non-linear platforms and contained a detailed conception and definition of the products and frameworks, a design of the web app architecture, back-end interfaces, business and planning rules.

The solution also linked correlative rights and business rules for improving content quality and customer satisfaction.

Harnessing Agile for a digital transformation

Using the solution, the client could plan real-time events using the modern data technology Kafka. The client’s transformation was further accelerated with a scalable container platform-based architecture and the microservices architecture and automation with a business rules management system.

Why Eviden

Eviden’s methodical approach, beginning with a design thinking workshop through to agile development with design and development sprints, contributed significantly to delivering a successful project. Based on innovative architectural approaches and requirements engineering, Eviden’s development team can easily meet the defined customer requirements in the best way possible.

The client

The client is one of the most successful independent media companies in Europe with a strong presence in the TV and digital market. Headquartered in Unterföhring, this is one of the largest media companies in the private television sector. It is regarded as a digital powerhouse with Joyn as its streaming platform and the extensive e-commerce portfolio of the NUCOM Group.

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