At a glance

Eviden has helped the customer in migrating their various business flows from IBM Integration Bus (IIB) to MuleSoft.


  • Unified product for all integration needs, no need to purchase disparate products.
  • Highly stable integration platform.
  • Loosely coupled interfaces/integrations.
  • High performing interfaces/integrations.
  • Simplified interfaces/integrations.
  • Simplified logging and monitoring.
  • Improved flexibility, maintainability and scalability.

Business Context

  • Tightly coupled connecting systems because of point-to-point approach.
  • High instability of the current integration platform (IIB)
  • Complex and large interfaces
  • No common reusable frameworks for error handling, logging, etc.
  • Low performing interfaces
  • Complex logging and monitoring
  • No scalability in environments.


  • Helped in migrating 200+ interfaces, file-based, Synchronous, Async, API’s, EDI-based, HL7/FHIR-based to MuleSoft platform
  • Common frameworks/accelerators for error handling, logging, auditing, alert notification and retry mechanism. This allows reusability across 200+ various interfaces as well as future interfaces without any additional effort.
  • Simplification of all the existing IIB interfaces with minimum coding and increased efficiency
  • Simplified monitoring which allows easy access and readability of application logs. Also, logging is done as part of the application processing without any dedicated logging framework. This has reduced turn-around-time for the Ops team for further investigation.
  • Improvement in performance of file-based interfaces because of MuleSoft’s capability of processing entire files at once rather than processing record by record as in IIB
  • Simplified transformations (using DataWeave 2.0) allow execution of complex business logic with minimum lines of code

Why Eviden

  • Extensive experience in large scale cloud native and low code application development across different domains
  • End-to-end services for architecture consultancy, application development and support
  • Robust digital backbone for omni-channel enablement and business process digitalization using cloud native microservices architecture
  • Hybrid integration solution for interoperability across various Cloud environments
  • API security for hybrid cloud using hybrid API Management platform solutions
  • 1500+ Integration, Microservices and low code experts, certified in industry-leading low code platforms
  • Eviden App modernization and Factory operation framework
  • Strategic partnerships with leading vendors

The client

Eviden’s customer is one of the leading providers of healthcare services in US with 180+ hospitals and 2,300+ sites of care, including surgery centers, freestanding ERs, urgent care centers, home health and hospice agencies, and physician clinics in 20 states and the United Kingdom.

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