• Frictionless shopping experience
  • Increased consumer satisfaction
  • Staff hard to find: 75% dependency reduction
  • Increased store operation profit
  • Business insights to optimize business benefits
  • Optimized store performance 24/7

The challenge

  • Create an automated store to operate in new ways and offer its customers new experiences.
  • Launch a live, airside duty-free store at Brussels Airport by the end of 2022.
  • Develop and implement a robust and scalable automated store infrastructure and digital platform.
  • Explore business opportunities and applications while improving real-life customer experiences.

This groundbreaking collaboration combines Lagardère Travel Retail Belgium’s extensive business expertise with Eviden’s digital retail, technological and systems integration capabilities.


Passengers of Terminal A will be astonished by the easy way of working and the brand-new retail experience. By offering this new automated point of sales at the airport, Lagardère Travel Retail ensures its role as a trendsetter.

Nicolas Van Brandt | CEO Lagardère Travel Retail Belgium

Pioneering the future of retail automation

The solution

  • Eviden developed and implemented a robust and scalable automated store solution in Brussels Airport. (BE) including a digital platform deploying BullSequana Edge servers, AI capabilities and analytics to drive the customer experience and operations.
  • The platform’s design is modular meaning it can scale and flex with Lagardère Travel Retail’s business and consumer demands.
  • For real-time tracking and tracing, 3D infrared light detection and ranging (LIDAR) cameras scan movements and store data points.
  • Weighted shelves enable precision monitoring of products.

The store’s entire infrastructure is designed for maximum efficiency, accuracy and speed.

Key Features

  • Ad-hoc entry
  • Real-time insight
  • Mixed duty free/duty paid
  • Item tracking
  • Master data management
  • People tracking
  • Virtual shopping basket
  • In-store abstraction layer/edge automation middleware
  • Shop manager portal (presentation layer)

The outcome

For the traveller

  • Seamless entrance-to-exit experience, automated real-time out-of-shelf detection for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Fully supported automation and on-demand customer assistance.
  • No app installation required.

For Lagardère

  • Business insights into customers, with a view of store and asset performance for strategic and operational improvements.
  • Insights into usage of the store and products, including opportunities for energy efficiency.
  • The potential to expand deployment through the enhanced use of data and technology.

Why Eviden

Eviden’s Autonomous Store solution is an ecosystem designed to support multiple partners, vendors and technologies. It can be developed and evolved, for example, to deliver discrete components or to engage with more products, processes and customers – all delivered as a service. In addition, it has capabilities for integrating technologies such as image recognition and computer vision as the digital transformation of retail continues.

The client Lagardère

Lagardère Travel Retail is a global leader in the travel retail industry. It operates over 4,800 stores in 260 airports, 710 railway stations and other concessions in 42 countries worldwide. Its stores provide travel essentials, duty free, fashion and food service. Since opening its first bookstore at Paris Gare de Lyon in 1852, the company has been dedicated to delivering new experiences for travelers every day.

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