At a glance

Eviden collaborated with the city of Madrid to undertake a comprehensive project leveraging cutting-edge technology. The result was automated processes and empowered municipal staff who can now dedicate themselves to other tasks that provide greater value.


  • Implementation of 8 robots to streamline processes and improve speed to market
  • 50% reduction in processing time
  • Improved response times and accuracy in municipal services for enhanced citizen experiences

Aspiring for excellence

Madrid is a major European hub of commercial activities, and it aspires to be much more. The capital of Spain aims to bridge the digital divide between citizens and the council by improving digital services to people, citizens and the city, and to society in general. The key to doing this is by improving the service processing time, thereby positioning Madrid as an ideal city for investment, work, study, innovation, entrepreneurship, tourism, and living. In an endeavor to boost its municipal corporation’s public services, Madrid City Council decided to boost its IT arm and invited bids for this digital transformation.

Advise. Automate. Accelerate.

In the bidding phase, digital transformation leader, Eviden’s methodology covered the end-to-end process from process discovery and process maintenance to value contribution and return on investment analysis. This received the highest score in the methodological approach to service. Eviden’s teams worked closely with the client, advising on the redesigning processes, global trends, best practices and the current way of working — aspects that the client perceived very well.

Appointed as the implementation expert, Eviden provided a robotic process automation (RPA) project for Madrid City Council in line with the Madrid Capital Digital’s transformation strategy (2023-2027). This RPA project focused on automation and improvement of digital services offered to the public.

The implementation of 8 robots streamlined processes. This automation solution cut processing times by 50% and enhanced staff services, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks. For example, the legal advice team was freed from processing court notifications. They could then resolve traffic penalty claims within two weeks and completed scholarship requirements verification in under 4 hours.

Besides alleviating administrative burdens, this also promoted better citizen experiences.

A marked difference

Over the course of the project, Madrid City Council appreciated the ownership skills exhibited by the Eviden team, who set the pace of the contract in complete harmony with the objectives set.

Additionally, Eviden’s partnership with UiPath helped secure UiPath licenses and 5 processes were implemented. Over the course of the project, Eviden has implemented 9 processes within this contract, improving municipal services for public use and increasing the public sentiment towards municipal services.

Why Eviden

Eviden’s bot-first approach is designed to revolutionize organizations by fostering seamless collaboration between humans and machines. This helps them accelerate their digital transformation journey through Intelligent Automation. Eviden’s comprehensive solutions use industry leading tools augmented with our own IPs and multiple engagement models to meet client requirements.

The Client

The Madrid City Council is the body responsible for the government and administration of the municipality of Madrid, capital of Spain.

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