At a glance

A leading Spanish law firm partnered with Eviden to migrate its SAP workload to Microsoft Azure. This helped it to scale its infrastructure to meet business demands, reducing the total cost of ownership by at least 20%.


  • Scalability powered by Eviden Landing Zone by leveraging Azure resulting in TCO reduction by at least 20%
  • An innovative state-of-the-art platform to adapt to improvements and face new challenges in business development
  • Business continuity with disaster recovery (DR) capabilities to ensure the client recovers quickly from any outages
  • Cost savings with Azure’s pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Robust security and data protection using a suite of cloud products and services, including Azure Security Center with a hub and spoke Azure design

Growing businesses, growing requirements

A Spanish law firm was looking to migrate its SAP workload to the cloud for streamlined business continuity — accessibility, security and scalability. It was keen to implement an advanced application and infrastructure solution for growth, relevance, tech-savviness and scalability.

Scaling up with speed and security

The client needed a reliable partner for exceptional, regulatory-compliant services and a long-term collaboration. It partnered with Eviden to build a hybrid cloud solution and migrate its workload from SAP to Azure, minimizing risks and ensuring a secure productive environment. Eviden developed the business-critical SAP solution focusing on flexibility, reliability, security, and scalability.

Powered by Eviden Landing Zone, the solution uses Microsoft Azure and Eviden Private Cloud, leveraging Azure’s SAP-certified infrastructure with security and management services and integrating Microsoft Azure infrastructure with SAP subscriptions and Eviden tooling like Service Now for incident management.

By implementing a Palo Alto high-availability solution, the Eviden team ensured enhanced security, supporting the solution on both infrastructure and SAP application levels. A hub and spoke Azure design was the key to secure growth and scalability for increased volumes. Eviden also collaborated with Microsoft Fastrack specialists for validating and certifying the solution.

A winning streak

Leveraging Azure, the Eviden Landing Zone enabled the client to scale its infrastructure up or down as needed to meet business demands reducing its TCO by at least 20%. The cost-effective model also optimized Reserved Instances for a calculated break-even point.

The Eviden team built disaster recovery (DR) capabilities into the solution so that the client can recover quickly from any outages. Robust security and data protection using Azure Security Center and cloud products ensured security.

Additionally, the solution boosted performance with cutting-edge Microsoft and SAP technologies, leading to business growth and innovation with innovative, scalable, flexible, and future-ready systems. The state-of-the-art Eviden Landing Zone allows teams to adapt to improvements and face new challenges in business development.

Why Eviden

Eviden combines leading Digital, Cloud, Big Data, and Security solutions for unique data and technology solutions. As a Microsoft GSI partner, Azure Expert MSP, Microsoft Intelligent Security Association member, and a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner, Eviden boasts of IPs and tools for a seamless and rapid migration.

The client

A prominent Spanish law firm excels in legal expertise, innovation, and global presence, providing comprehensive services across diverse sectors. Renowned for excellence, it navigates complex legal landscapes with expertise and integrity, serving as a trusted advisor in the legal field.