Eviden expands global presence for customers’ core missions

Paris and Vienna, May 6 2024 Eviden, the Atos Group business leading in digital, cloud, big data and security, is pleased to announce the opening of its new facility, the Eviden Mission Critical Systems Technology Center, in Prottes, Lower Austria. The inauguration has taken place, reflecting Eviden’s commitment to advancing satellite technologies and fostering innovation including its Space Monitoring flagship solution SkyMon.

Eviden’s Mission Critical Systems (MCS) targets specialized markets with integrated solutions for our customers’ core mission. MCS is inherently focused on verticals, such as defense, homeland security, space, transportation and energy.

The Eviden Mission Critical Systems Technology Center will serve as a venue for collaborative projects, bringing together experts, researchers, and industry professionals. The facility will build upon SkyMon’s proven track record in Satellite Carrier Monitoring and Interference Localization solutions. Furthermore, it will leverage Mission Critical System’s end-to-end mastery of advanced technology and enables fast, relevant decisions and specialized solutions in critical situations.

SkyMon has been at the forefront of technological advancements, and the Mission Critical System Technology Center will serve as a focal point for driving forward innovations in the area of Space Situational Awareness (SSA), Satellite Communication Situational Awareness (SCSA), Satellite Tracking, Interception and various other initiatives. SkyMon’s solution empowers users to identify interference and manage carriers seamlessly within a unified system.

Global Head of Mission Critical Systems Bernard Payer, Johanna Mikl-Leitner Governor of Lower Austria, Eviden Austria Country Manager Markus Schaffhauser

“We are excited to establish the Eviden Mission Critical Systems Technology Center in Prottes, Austria. This facility will not only enhance our ability to deliver innovative solutions but also facilitate collaboration with international partners, furthering our mission to push the boundaries of space technology,” said Markus Schaffhauser, Head of Eviden Austria, Atos Group.

“Due to the sharp increase in the number of satellites, the quality of services is suffering and economic and political interests are endangered. This is where the SkyMon solutions come in. With SkyMon, we can identify and localize interferences for our international clients. One of the most important market drivers currently is also the issue of a sovereign space. Every state has a keen interest in knowing what is happening above its territory. With our solution we can also make a significant contribution to this”, said Bernard Payer, Global Head of Mission Critical Systems, Eviden, Atos Group.

The opening ceremony on April 29th was attended by industry players and government representatives.

For further information, please visit skymonng.com or contact mission-critical@systems.com

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Eviden is a next-gen technology leader in data-driven, trusted and sustainable digital transformation with a strong portfolio of patented technologies. With worldwide leading positions in advanced computing, security, AI, cloud and digital platforms, it provides deep expertise for all industries in more than 47 countries. Bringing together 47,000 world-class talents, Eviden expands the possibilities of data and technology across the digital continuum, now and for generations to come. Eviden is an Atos Group company with an annual revenue of c. € 5 billion.

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[1] Eviden business is operated through the following brands: AppCentrica, ATHEA, Cloudamize, Cloudreach, Cryptovision, DataSentics, Edifixio, Energy4U, Engage ESM, Evidian, Forensik, IDEAL GRP, In Fidem, Ipsotek, Maven Wave, Profit4SF, SEC Consult, Visual BI, Worldgrid, X-Perion. Eviden is a registered trademark.

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