Foreword: 2024 Turn your security into reality

As we welcome another year in the ever-changing cybersecurity industry, I’m delighted to introduce to you a Digital Security Magazine edition that encapsulates the wisdom gained from the lessons of the past, underscores the urgency for action in 2024, and outlines the strategic foresight necessary to secure the future.

Reflecting on 2023 reveals a noteworthy trend – a decline in venture capital funding compared to the preceding year, yet it’s juxtaposed against a booming merger and acquisition (M&A) activity. The standout in this domain was the colossal acquisition of Splunk by Cisco in an all-cash deal valued at a staggering USD28 billion, underscoring the sustained dynamism inherent in our industry.

Anticipating technological advancements, emerging threats, and regulatory trends is not an easy task when cybersecurity budgets of organizations grapple with the uncertainties of our current economy. In this edition, we aim to help you test the readiness of your cybersecurity strategy when faced with the impending challenges of the near future. We will navigate the landscape of future possibilities — from the intricate complexities of post-quantum cryptography (PQC) to the dawn of identity fabric, from the rising sovereignty concerns to the transformative power of GenAI, just to name a few.

With this edition, we wish to provide you with a strategic compass that not only introduces emerging cyber tech trends but also guides you towards informed investments and equips you with the foresight necessary to navigate the changing cyber landscape effectively. The digital competitiveness of an organization hinges on how cybersecurity is integrated into its global business strategy. By aligning your strategy with the current cyber zeitgeist and exploring the next frontier in cyber trends, you can have the coveted competitive advantage.

As you embark on this journey through past lessons, present imperatives, and future possibilities, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Aaron Chu, the Managing Editor of this edition, and all our insightful contributors and guest authors who have contributed to this edition. May the knowledge shared within these pages empower you to navigate the cybersecurity landscape with foresight, resilience, and strategic agility.

Zeina Zakhour

Zeina Zakhour

Global CTO Digital Security