What is cloud security?

Solutions vary from simple usage monitoring and security exposure rating to very specific enterprise security policy enforcement.

Why it matters

As Cloud adoption and Multi-Cloud deployments spread exponentially, organizations are faced with unmanaged security risks and data exposure.

Organizations will need solutions for a single pane of glass security operation in their Cloud and hybrid environment.

Compliance with data privacy regulations and other legal rules will also require better Cloud security testing and continuous compliance monitoring/control.

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0-2 years
2-5 years
5+ years

0-2 years

2-5 years

5+ years

The landscape

Losing track of cloud services & cloud native applications

Some employees inside the organization may not conform to the organization’s security requirements.

The growth of shadow IT

is a security vulnerability which may lead to data leakage or data breaches. The result ? loss of trust of customers, legal complications, and even loss of quality in the product offering through an employee run-off.

Awareness is rising

leading to monitoring & closer management of cloud applications and growing attention to cloud legal compliance, due to more frequent occurrence of data breaches and the legal consequences thereof.

Customers need to classify and determine the accountability for their data

as visibility of the data classification allows appropriate security measures to be applied.

Key figures


of those technologies are either already adopted by most organizations or will be in the next two years.


of those technologies are expected to be adopted in the next 2 to 5 years cycle.


of those technologies are transformational and wide spread adoption will take over 5 years.