Eviden breaks frontiers in IT infrastructure with edge computing servers that are designed to deliver powerful AI inference and streaming analytics capabilities at the edge, while ensuring data security at all times.

What we offer

Leverage Eviden’s edge computing solutions to boost your AI application efficiency with the lowest latency.   offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution with hardware and software designed for AI and empowered by our industrialization services to secure access locally on any machine interface.

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BullSequana EX series<br />(EXD and EXR)

BullSequana EX series
(EXD and EXR)

BullSequana EXD, the powerful far edge server supports the latest Nvidia GPU for AI inference and has flexible installation options.

BullSequana EXR, the high-density edge datacenter server supports the latest Nvidia GPU range for AI inference. It also has flexible disk options.

BullSequana Edge

BullSequana Edge

Designed for AI acceleration of complex and massive video streaming analytics, the BullSequana Edge offers flexible deployment with high performance.

Dive into the detailed specifications of BullSequana EX and discover how it can elevate your computational workloads.

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