Break the frontiers of your IT infrastructure with our new edge servers, BullSequana EX series.

Offering​ two models with new technical features for the most demanding environments. More than a server, Eviden offers a full solution of AI models with our Computer Vision platform to meet all your AI business needs.

BullSequana EXD

BullSequana EXD

BullSequana EXR

BullSequana EXR

  • Powerful far edge server with leading AI inference and training capabilities
  • Supporting the latest NVIDIA range for AI inference
  • Flexible installation options
    1. wallmount
    1. and short depth rack
  • High density edge datacenter server with powerful AI inference and training capabilities
  • Supporting the latest NVIDIA range for AI inference
  • Highest density for AI inference
  • 1U Rack (640mm depth)
  • Flexible disk options
      Up to 10 hig speed NVMe disks
    1. SATA disk options
    1. Raid options

BullSequana EX series benefits

  • Unprecedented scalability with interchangeable AI accelerators available in far edge & rackable format​
  • Data protection from far edge to edge datacenter by creating a chain of trust without compromising performance​
  • Build and deploy a variety of high performance, latency-sensitive applications (computer vision,VR…)
  • Run hyperconverged workloads in the edge datacenter with our BullSequana EXR model
  • Optimized for 5G core & vRan workloads

Adapt edge compute to your AI models with our Computer Vision Platform

Train stations

Overcrowding detection

Real time people counting

Children without parents

Passenger safety

smart cities

Smart cities

Understand crowd

Detect traffic violations

Behavior detection

Maintain safety



Quality control

Predictive maintenance

Product traceability

Density measurement



Passenger counting

Multi camera tracking

Intrusion detection

Face recognition

retail industry


Shelf inspector

Portfolio and revenue management

Queue management

Location intelligence

streams and counting
projects and growing
countries and increasing
airport passenger journeys protected
nuclear, oil & gas, and energy sites
border, transport, and police authorities

Eviden services

Our services empower Edge technologies and provide secure access locally on machine-interface

Hardware and software
Pick and adjust the services you need:
hardware and AI software

European sovereignty

European sovereignty:
unique manufacturer in Europe

Fleet management

Fleet management:
optimize your server using IoT/AI technologies

Turnkey deployments

Turnkey deployments:
design your infrastructure, ready to use

Benefit from a tailored industrialization process

Benefit from a tailored industrialization process:
fully fledged validation report

Stay ahead of the competition with our industrialization services

Gain flexibility

  • Design as you need
  • Add-on process

Go faster

  • Fastest supply
  • On-site plug & play

Reduce risks

  • No unexpected costs
  • Highest quality & repeatable process

Explore our AI & Business Computing portfolio

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Computer Vision

Enable computers to not only process images and videos but also to interpret what they see, analyze, and act.

Business Computing Solution

Business Computing

Scale and flex your enterprise systems for data-driven applications and converged platforms on-premises, in public cloud or both.

Get support

Product support

Product support

Our Quick Start Guide includes instructions on unboxing your Edge server, replacing an antenna, and other useful tips.

List of certified Eviden hardware for SAP on Linux

List of certified Eviden hardware for SAP on Linux

A comprehensive list of Eviden hardware that has been officially certified for use with SAP on Linux systems.

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