Shared tactical situation and communication are critical assets in the current era of collaborative warfare. Inadequate information may undermine joint operations and endanger soldiers’ lives but accessing the right information at the right time creates a decisive digital advantage.

What we bring to the table

Eviden’s collaborative combat solution includes integrated sensors, combat systems and communication tools that connect dismounted soldiers to command posts, deployed equipment like robotics and drones to vehicles and HQs. This provides soldiers and commanders with reflex-time situational awareness.

Our solutions

Digital Battle Management System

Digital Battle Management System

This single complete solution shares battalion-level land and air-land combat information on the battlefield.

Digital Soldier System

Digital Soldier System

This intuitive smartphone-based communication system designed for operations enables deployed forces to exchange information quickly and securely.

Tactical communication bubble network

Tactical communication bubble network

This connects deployed forces in the field with ultra-compact private network solutions that can be carried in a backpack or in a vehicle.

Our clients

Collaborative combat solutions- our clients

French Army

This battle management system will change the way we understand combat and situations.
About SICS, the French army SCORPION battle management system

Commanding Officer Aubry
Collaborative combat solutions


This project was a wonderful human adventure: illustrating the extraordinary ability of French industry to innovate in order to meet today’s challenges.
About Auxylium, the Digital Soldier System program

Captain Jean-Baptiste Colas

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Eviden Digital Battle Management System Video

Eviden Digital Battle Management System

Watch an operation unfold with Digital BMS

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