Governments around the globe are increasingly embracing digital transformation to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of public services. By leveraging advanced technologies, they aim to create connected territories where integrated systems and seamless data-sharing significantly improve service delivery, stimulate innovation, and promote sustainable development. This approach not only enhances public value but also ensures more responsive, transparent, and inclusive governance that actively involves and protects citizens.

What we offer

At Eviden, our commitment lies in providing an extensible and flexible platform that not only supports but accelerates innovation. We aim to deliver a real-time, integrated view of urban operations, enabling decision-makers to quickly identify trends and patterns for informed decisions. By offering citizens a better quality of living, our primary goal is to deliver digital services that promote healthier living and create better working environments. This involves designing solutions that enhance the well-being of our communities and facilitate seamless access to essential services.

In terms of regulation, we prioritize the integration of robust security elements to safeguard user data, ensuring that privacy remains a a top concern in our digital ecosystem.

Our Solutions

Universal Data Platform

Universal Data Platform

An all-in-one solution designed for seamless IoT integration and data exchange for both private and public organizations. It serves as a single pane of glass, providing real-time insights, streamlined data management, and advanced analytics capabilities.

Smart Traffic Management

Smart Traffic Management

A cutting-edge V2X platform built on the ITS standard. Our intelligent solution seamlessly connects vehicles to infrastructure.

Computer Vision Platform

Computer Vision Platform

Eviden's video analysis solution enhances public sector security with advanced facial recognition, real-time surveillance, and crowd management, ensuring safety and efficient access control in government facilities.

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