Cloud has always been much more than just a technology. Its anytime, anyplace accessibility is what has made it a game-changer, a force to be reckoned with. However, evolution is the name of the game and while cloud computing matures and becomes more pervasive, the cloud landscape is transforming faster than ever before.


What does that hold for us? Newer capabilities, fresh applications, and cutting-edge business models that leverage the power of the cloud.

So how is this slated to change in 2024? And what can businesses, system integration partners, cloud service providers, and industries do to quickly adopt the latest cloud technology and what it has to offer?

There is only one way to describe cloud technology in 2024: transformative

Based on the various partners, analysts and insights, here are Eviden’s top 10 cloud predictions for 2024. Let’s plunge in:

1. Seamless Artificial Intelligence (AI), Generative AI and Machine Learning (ML) integration

In 2024, the expected growth in AI adoption amongst customers will increase by ~50% coupled with Gen AI in product development at ~65%. Further, the impact of AI adoption on cloud customers in decision making, automation and efficiency would reach up to ~85%.

2. At the edge of your seats with Edge computing

With better data security and privacy, lower bandwidth costs and improved network efficiency, the expected growth of edge computing and edge AI adoption, including AI-powered visual inspection would be ~40% and 50% respectively. The impact of this technology on cloud customers around reduced latency, improved performance, enhanced decision-making, and automation would be ~85%.

3. Movers and shakers with interoperability and portability

With a myriad of advantages such as improved cost-effectiveness, risk reduction, reduced vendor lock-in and increased flexibility likely to reach ~75%, the expected growth of cloud interoperability and portability is likely to reach ~45%.

4. Smart strategizing with multi-cloud and distributed clouds

Optimized performances, reduces vendor lock-in, and enhanced resilience are what make multi-cloud and distributed cloud strategies the choice of the future, and this is only expected to grow amongst cloud customers by ~40%. Also, a growth of up to 20% with sovereign cloud solutions lies on the horizon.

5. Shaking up the data ecosystem

Data privacy and sovereignty address how data is handled, protected, and governed when it is stored, processed, or transferred in cloud environments. In 2024, there will be a ~45% rise in adoption of data ecosystems, along with an emphasis on privacy and sovereignty.

6. Reassurance and sovereignty with Cloud security

With sensitive data on the cloud, the focus has now moved to zero trust as a service and end-to-end security managed services. In line with this, the expected growth in the cloud security space in 2024 is ~40% with increased demand for zero trust and AI-based cybersecurity services at 50%.

7. Staying afloat with cloud cost management and sustainability

As organizations look to GreenOps and the cloud in their endeavors to reduce their carbon footprint, they are focused on cloud cost management and sustainability. Cloud providers are offering tools and services to help customers manage and optimize cloud costs, as well as monitor and reduce CO2 figures.

It only follows that in 2024, the focus on cloud cost management, sustainability and GreenOps is expected to increase by 35%. This is further expected to have an ~85% impact on customers, boosting cost efficiency and cloud resource utilization and energy efficiency while reducing cloud spending and environmental impact.

8. Strictly by the rules: Cloud governance and compliance

With a renewed focus on regulatory and legal repercussions, the focus in 2024 will be on cloud governance and compliance that is expected to increase by ~40% with greater emphasis on building a solid GRC system.

9. Scale with smart Cloud-native methodology

Organizations are increasingly adopting cloud-native applications in pursuit of faster app development and deployment, more scalability and resilience with reduced infrastructure costs and improved resource utilization. Growth in cloud native – serverless, container, microservices and DevOps in 2024 alone is expected to be ~65%, driving up improved agility, scalability, resilience, and time to market for our customers.

10. Elevating entire industries with Industry cloud platforms

Industry cloud platforms are quickly becoming a hot favorite with pre-configured and integrated environments that include cloud infrastructure, industry-specific software, and services, enabling businesses to adopt cloud technologies and accelerate their digital transformation journey quickly and easily.

This type of platform has a unique leverage — industry-specific expertise and best practices will provide an impetus for accelerated innovation and collaboration. This will boost industry cloud platforms by ~35% with an increase in spend up to ~25%, touted to drive agility, innovation, and time to market.


How you can get the early mover advantage

With all these trends on the horizon and predictions that are quickly turning into a reality, there is only one way to describe cloud technology in 2024: transformative. Yes, cloud is poised to drive your business’ digital transformation with innovation and efficiency. Businesses will be bracing themselves for a value-enriched cloud experience if they are to attain sustainability and an unmatched competitive edge. But the only question is how long will they take to make a move?

Connect with me to discuss how your organization can stay ahead of the curve with Eviden’s tailored Cloud offerings, and why we are your cloud service provider of choice.

Access Eviden’s detailed trends and predictions white paper here.