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Eviden built a platform to provide real-time community-level data and digital tools to help community organizations fight opioid overdoses in their communities.


  • Over 800 overdose events reported in its first few months
  • 24 outreach organizations participating
  • 5 data sources ingested
  • Dozens of lives saved

The Client

The Addiction Research Institute at UT Austin’s Steve Hicks School of Social Work and Dell Medical School works with a range of community partners to transform mental health care and prevent substance use in central Texas and beyond.

The people at Eviden who have worked on TxCOPE literally saved lives this week. Together, we saved lives.

Dr. Kasey Claborn | Director, Addiction Research Institute, University of Texas at Austin

Stagnant data was blocking opioid overdose response

The opioid epidemic is a major health crisis raging across the United States. It was a severe issue before the COVID-19 pandemic and has only worsened since. Last year alone, 110,000 Americans died from opioid-related overdoses. While there are historical public data sources available on overdose-related deaths, there is a lack of real-time, aggregated data and scalable reporting systems. This prevents communities and first responders from reaching those who need it most.

Why Eviden

Eviden’s experience design, cloud technology, big data and application development expertise made it the ideal partner to work with The University of Texas to bring this vision to reality through a comprehensive digital solution. With its nationwide footprint, Eviden is also the ideal partner to expand the use of the platform to other states across the country.

TxCOPE: Texans Connecting Overdose Prevention Efforts

The Addiction Research Institute at the University of Texas at Austin had a vision for an innovative, community-based overdose reporting system. Working closely with the institute and university, Eviden built a data- driven digital system for the state of Texas. This solution brings together local organizations and combines earlier siloed efforts to deliver better and more collaborative responses and prevention efforts.

The TxCOPE system is a unified digital platform that gives community outreach worker and the public a website and mobile app to report overdose events in their communities. It gives first responders and outreach organizations a dynamic set of applications for real-time reporting and resource management. It also provides comprehensive reporting and dashboards for researchers and decision-makers at the community, county, state and local levels.

The platform improves timeliness and creates response efficiencies for state and public health agencies to respond and optimize distribution of funding and resources.

Saving lives in Texas and beyond

This platform is saving lives across Texas. In May 2024, a mass overdose incident in Austin, Texas, led to 57 confirmed overdoses and 9 suspected fatalities. Through the TxCOPE platform, prevention organizations were notified along the incident map and the predicted path from San Antonio to Dallas. The platform helped organizations mobilize resources, including naloxone and other supplies, to respond to those incidents. This coordinated community response on the TxCOPE platform saved dozens of lives.

Eviden plans to bring similar solutions to other US states utilizing the core COPE (Connecting Overdose Prevention Efforts) program.

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