Accelerated market changes

Manufacturers are facing high pressure on efficiency, resilience, sustainability and compliance across their value chain. This relentless focus is critical for survival in the digital age, where smart manufacturing holds the key to unlocking a new era of productivity and optimization.

However, according to a McKinsey survey, a staggering 70% of scaling smart factory programs fail to scale, due to specific challenges:

  • IT landscape diversity: IT infrastructure creates data silos, making it difficult to ensure consistency and contextualization of critical information
  • Various business processes and lack of data standardization: Harmonizing workflows and establishing robust data standards are essential for driving efficiency and competitiveness

  • Industrialization Gap: Difficulty to industrialize, scale and operate effectively digital solutions across the entire factory, ensuring a lasting impact

ID@Scale: end-to-end packaged connectivity solution

Designed for all industries, Industrial Data at Scale, brings the expertise of the two leaders Renault and Eviden, an Atos company.

Our end-to-end solution enables manufacturers to scale-up and standardise the capture and analysis of industrial data across all their industrial sites, with highly optimized costs and efforts to deploy & run.
ID@Scale enables to feed the data lake with natively cleaned, structured, standardized and contextualized data.

Get the possibility to seamlessly integrate thousands of devices monthly, effortlessly manage data across factories, harmonize information to accelerate value extraction from your data lake, with highly optimized costs!

Join us in revolutionizing the industrial landscape, where ID@Scale transforms your industrial operations efficiently

Business Benefits – Automotive Manufacturer

Reduced cloud expenses without re-processing data and enhancing cost-effectiveness in use case development and connectivity deployment


0 m€
Factories connected
Pieces of equipment connected
0 .6
Billion data set captured per day
Machines added, connected in a month
> 0 %
Cloud compute dedicated to run use-cases
0 %
For data cleansing and modeling*
* versus 80% of cloud compute dedicated to data cleansing and modeling with other industrial connectivity solutions

Key Highlights

Break the usual vertical siloed approach so that multiple use-cases can use the same data.
Create and publish a data taxonomy, or catalogue of data sources and data models to ensure reuse  in different scenarios

Embed standardized data models to connect the edge and industrial equipment / devices with the cloud to enable immediate visibility

Get immediate and tangible value at a reasonable cost, accelerating enterprise-wide deployment. Create value-driven applications/insights through the entire enterprise thanks to consistent and harmonized data models

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Our Team

Patrice-Henri LE FRANC

Patrice-Henri LE FRANC

Head of Industry Consulting for Southern Europe - Vice President, Eviden
Pierre Hiebel

Pierre Hiebel

Associate Partner - Smart Factory & Supply Chain, Eviden

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