Why Eviden IAM services?

In a world of shifting digital boundaries, controlling access is paramount. Eviden IAM Services empowers you to manage and safeguard identities across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. Our approach weaves comprehensive access control with user-friendly experiences, bolstering security without hindering productivity.

Our solutions are built for today’s security challenges:

  • Zero Trust framework: Enforce “never trust, always verify” principles for ironclad access controls.
  • Adaptable to modern workflows: Support remote workers, secure cloud operations, and integrate seamlessly with evolving enterprise systems.
  • Usable security: Design security solutions with intuitive user experiences, fostering adoption and reducing security risks.

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Envision an IAM landscape where

Data Breaches become improbable

Data Breaches become improbable

Protect your most sensitive assets with intelligent access management, proactive threat detection, and zero-standing privileges.

Compliance is streamlined

Compliance is streamlined

Automated governance and auditing keep you aligned with industry regulations.

Users enjoy frictionless experiences

Users enjoy frictionless experiences

Streamlined authentication and access procedures enhance productivity.

Transform your IAM with our proven expertise

In today’s digital landscape, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is more critical than ever. Our team of experienced IAM professionals offers a full spectrum of services tailored to your unique needs.

Assessments & Workshops: Gain deep insights into your current IAM landscape and identify areas for improvement through comprehensive assessments and collaborative workshops.

Strategy & Roadmap Development: Chart a clear path forward with a customized IAM strategy and roadmap that aligns with your business goals.

Program Development: Design and implement effective IAM programs that enhance security, comply with regulations, and empower your workforce.

Technology implementation & integration: Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge IAM technologies into your existing infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and user experience.

Rapid application onboarding: Accelerate the deployment of new applications and services with our streamlined onboarding process, reducing time-to-market.

Operational services: Entrust your day-to-day IAM operations to our experts, freeing your team to focus on core business activities.

Identity & Access BPO services: Outsource your identity and access management processes for greater efficiency and cost savings.

Continuous improvement: We proactively monitor and refine your IAM systems to ensure ongoing security, performance, and compliance.

As-a-Service delivery: Enjoy the flexibility and scalability of our cloud-based IAM solutions, tailored to your evolving needs.

Eviden IAM products: Your path to secure access

Partner with us to design a custom IAM solution that fits your needs, whether you leverage existing identity products or utilize our powerful Evidian IAM suite of products.

Core IAM capabilities for comprehensive control

How Eviden IAM Services outperforms the competition

  • Customized IAM solutions: We have the expertise and specialized knowledge to design IAM solutions that perfectly align with your industry and business requirements.
  • Intelligence-driven insights: Our risk-based workflows, predictive analytics, and AI-powered automation proactively identify potential access risks and anomalies.
  • Frictionless user journeys: User-friendly features like single sign-on (SSO) and adaptive authentication provide an optimal blend of convenience and robust security.

Eviden IAM Services: The business impact

Our intelligent IAM solutions accelerate your success with these outcomes:

Reduced risk of ransomware
Reduced risk of ransomware

Fine-grained access controls make security incidents far less likely.

Improved Regulatory Adherence
Improved Regulatory Adherence

Achieve compliance in complex industries with confidence.

Elevated operational efficiency
Elevated operational efficiency

Eliminate manual user management tasks, freeing up IT teams for strategic work.

Enhanced user experience
Enhanced user experience

Improve productivity and engagement with intuitive IAM tools and interfaces.

Inside our collaborative IAM framework

Consultative engagement: We begin with a deep-dive assessment of your current IAM practices, challenges, and business goals, laying the foundation for a custom-fit IAM solution.

Cutting-edge IAM framework: A sophisticated technology foundation designed for scalability and future-proofing your security model.

Industry-specific implementation: We tailor our IAM solutions to meet your unique sector requirements.

Collaborative engagement: We work in partnership with you, emphasizing knowledge transfer and seamless integration.


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